Consulting experts, not sales people.

We are an independent employee benefits consulting firm operating as a private Iowa corporation filed and registered with the Iowa Secretary of State, comprised of a highly experienced and diverse professional team organized around the major functions in benefit management. We are resourced and staffed by individuals with years of experience in their respective field.

Mark J. Becker & Associates, LLC was founded on the belief that ethical conduct, full-disclosure, commitment to education, and always acting in the best interest of the client are paramount to providing the highest level of consultation and service.

Our unbiased advice is free from production quotas or remunerations that otherwise cloud objectivity. We hold no contracts that incent or taint recommendations. Our critical thinking and listening leads to a well-planned, properly executed process. We execute a proprietary process that is results oriented and proven.

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who will always do what's in the best interest of your organization and your employees. We look forward to serving your organization and to Doing What's Right. That's Our Policy.